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The Pickup is one of the seven starting vehicles in Burnout 2: Point of Impact and is one of the three vehicles to return from the original Burnout. Although it shares the same name as its predecessor, the design has been updated and its stats have also seen quite a boost. Inspecting the tailgate shows that this particular model is called the Trakfour.

The Pickup is one of the slower stock vehicles, having below average speed and acceleration. To compensate, its handling is quite good for a stock car, making turns a non-issue most of the time, something which posed a serious problem for its predecessor. It is a good choice for beginners and experts alike, despite its lower speed rating.

For the Xbox release, the Pickup's stats were shuffled slightly, increasing the acceleration to be slightly higher than its control. As a result, however, its speed rating has dropped down, putting it on par with the Compact and lowering its usefulness in races overall.

The Pickup comes in eight possible colors; white, burgundy, red, yellow, gray, black, blue and indigo.

As an opponent in the Championship, the Pickup has the most appearances, with four normally; the Pacific Gate Grand Prix, The Run To The Sun, the Winding Road Grand Prix and The Crystal Freeway. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, it can also appear in the Roller Coaster Grand Prix and the Street Storm Grand Prix as an extra opponent.

How to Unlock[]

Complete Offensive Driving 101.


The Pickup resembles a Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram with some resemblance to a Toyota Tundra.

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