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The Pickup is one of five starting vehicles in Burnout.

It is a "hard" rated pickup truck that has good control, but suffers from low speed and slow acceleration. As an off-road powerhouse, it boasts pretty great handling and very rarely does it lose control. It is also quite a big vehicle, with a very bulky frame, and this does hinder its ability to race whilst its sluggish movements require a shove to force a drift.

Due to its weight, it is pretty sluggish, with average cruising speed and a top speed that doesn't surpass other vehicles, as its stats are identical to the Supermini.

The Pickup comes in five colors; black, yellow, white, blue and red.

How to Unlock[]

The Pickup is unlocked from the start of the game.


The Pickup resembles the Ford F-150.



At one point during development, it went by the name "UT500 Jackhammer."[1] A "UT500" badge can still be seen on the rear of the Pickup in the final game.

  • Although not a possible option for the player, A.I. drivers can select the Pickup in grey.


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