The Pickup is a truck first introduced in the first Burnout game. It is classified as a "Hard" vehicle, most likely because of its tremendous weight, which is its main reason for its tough-to-master handling. Despite being as a pick-up truck, it does not do well in off-roading, because of uneven dirt and bumps. However, it does have good speed capabilities, although drifting will require the player to find a large amount of pavement with minimal traffic.

The Pickup comes in Black, Yellow, White, Blue and Red.

How to Unlock

It is drivable at the start of the game.


The Pickup resembles the Dodge Ram.


  • There is a toolbox at the back of the Pickup. It does not fly off, no matter how strong the crash is.
  • At some point during development, this vehicle was presumably called the Grizzly.[1] It was later renamed the Pickup for unknown reasons.

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