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Perfect Cover Paintshop is a chain automobile body shop specializing in vehicle paintjobs. Five Drive Through outlets are present in Mainland Paradise City and one on Big Surf Island resulting in one shop per District. The body shop affects a player's vehicle by instantly changing its paint colour into a random paintjob. These Drive Throughs are not essential to the player's progress a part from the Discovery percentage. Perfect Cover Paintshops are intended to immediately change a vehicle's appearance without the need of a Junkyard.

Perfect Cover Paintshops do not fix cars like Auto Repairs as these drive throughs only change the car's paint job.

Some vehicle's finishes such as Carbon cars, Bikes, Sponsor cars, PCPD vehicles and other certain variants cannot have their paint jobs changed by these Paint Shops. Player's have to return to a Junkyard to manually change their vehicle's paint jobs and finishes.

Paint Shops[]

Downtown Paradise Shop[]

The busy district's Perfect Cover shop is located along 7th Street on the corner of the Webster and East Crawford. It is the first body shop that players will find as it is the closest to the initial Junkyard. The shop is also built above the East Big Surf Railroad north of the Central Station.

Palm Bay Shop[]

Perfect Cover Paintshop implemented it's Palm Bay Heights shop at 5th and Hamilton. Sightseers will be able to feast their eyes on the Memorial Garden along Lambert Parkway and the Ocean View Mall.

Harbor Town Shop[]

This Perfect Cover Paintshop establishment is placed at the edge of the Harbor Town industrial district along Hamilton Avenue just north of the 3-way intersection with Harbour and Warren. Found close by is the Paradise Wharf Auto Repair Shop along Warren Avenue and the Paradise Wharf 5 gas station on Lambert Parkway.

Silver Lake Shop[]

The Perfect Cover Paintshop outlet in the district serves the boating community of Sunset Valley Town at Silver Lake and can be found along East Lake Drive opposite to the Angus Boat Rental marina.

White Mountain Shop[]

This shop is based in Sunset Valley Town in the White Mountain district and is located along West Lake Drive aside the coast of the Lake. It is opposite Cannon and East lake adjacent to the Waterfall Diner.

Big Surf Island Shop[]

Perfect Cover's latest opening in Paradise City is located on the newly opened Big Surf Island. It is built next to the Ocean Bay Marina along Shires Drive.