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Disambig iconThis article is about the Party game mode. For details about the Downloadable Content Pack, see Party Pack.

The Party Mode part of the Party Pack is a special local multiplayer game mode that was brought to players via the Free February Update and is now shipped with the full game on disc in Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. The Party Mode is a "Pass-the-Pad" type multiplayer in which up to 8 local human players can compete in on the same system.

A Party is a series of turn-based challenges, similar to Freeburn Challenges played online, each with their own unique objectives which take place in specific areas of Paradise City.

Party Mode Challenges[]


There are 36 Challenges included in the Party Pack. What stands these offline challenges apart from the online Freeburn Challenges is the fact that they are much more intricate in design.

Some Challenges can be failed due to strict criteria (only a couple of freeburn challenges include this); others have players affected by a passive condition during the whole duration of the challenge, such as infinite boost or reverse steering, which affects the handling of the car or changes the way the game is played.

Also, the Party Pack Challenges generally take place in locations not exploited by their online counterparts.

List of Party Pack Challenges[]

Below is the list of challenges found in the Party Pack.

Type Title Challenge Location Vehicle Time Fail Criteria Other
Stunt Beach Barrel Land a Barrel Roll Big Surf Beach Watson R-Turbo Roadster - Crash or No Barrel Rolls -
Speed A Bridge Too Far Smash 2 Billboards then race back South Bay Expressway Bridge Hunter Citizen Timed Crash or Over 1 Minute Time -
Speed Straight 8 Complete 1 Lap Stock Car Racing Track Hunter Mesquite Timed Over 8 Minutes Time -
Speed Summit Smash Smash 2 Billboards then race back to start South part of Nelson Way Carson Fastback Special Timed Leave Crystal Summit -
Skill Danger: Falling Cars Earn as much Air Time as possible Quarry Carson Hot Rod Coupe 1m00s Crash or Leave Quarry -
Skill Tunnel Vision Earn as many Near Misses as possible Lawrence Road Tunnel Hunter Olympus 0m30s Crash or Leave Tunnel -
Stunt Dam Buster Jump over the Dam Casey Pass Montgomery Hawker Solo - Crash Locked Accelerator & Boost
Speed Carriage Return Smash 2 Billboards Railway off Read Lane Carson Annihilator Timed Crash -
Speed Pick-up Smash-Up Smash 3 Billboards then race back to start Webster Avenue Hunter Takedown 4x4 Timed Crash -
Speed Board-Walk-Run Smash 2 Billboards Marina along West Lake Drive Hunter Vegas Timed Leave area Locked Boost
Speed Vice Versa Race to the end of Glancey Avenue Glancey Avenue Carson Fastback Timed Leave Glancey Avenue Reverse Steering
Speed Downhill Sprint Race to the end of Schembri Pass Schembri Pass Jansen XS12 Timed Crash, Leave Schembri Pass, or Over 5 Minutes Time -
Speed Twisted Track Follow the Downtown El Train Tracks El Train Tracks Carson Thunder Custom Timed Touch the walls or fall off -
Skill Express Airways Earn as much Air Time as possible South Bay Expressway Bridge Hunter Vegas Carnivale 0m40s Crash Into Cars -
Skill Cleared For Take-off Earn as much Air Time as possible Airfield Carson Inferno Van 0m30s Crash or leave Airfield Locked Boost
Skill Walk on the Wild Side Earn as much Oncoming as possible Nelson Way Hunter Spur 0m25s Go on the Right Side of Road Locked Boost
Skill Near Mist Earn as many Near Misses as possible Hubbard Avenue Hunter Reliable Special 0m45s Crash -
Skill Swimming Up Stream Earn as many Near Misses as possible I-88 Section 2 Clockwise Krieger Racing WTR 1m00s Crash or Leave 1-88 Section 2 Locked Accelerator, Locked Boost & No Brakes
Skill Drift King Earn as much Drift as possible Uphill Drive Rossolini Tempesta 0m30s Touching a wall or Crash Locked Boost
Stunt Safe Landing Land a jump off the Cliff Rockridge Cliff Hunter Cavalry - Crash Land or Hit Cliff -
Stunt Roll Wrecker Perform a Barrel Roll and Crash Rockridge Cliff Nakamura SI-7 - Clean Landing or No Barrel Roll -
Stunt Rock & Rolls Land a double Barrel Roll into the Quarry Quarry Jansen P12 - Crash, insufficient Barrel Rolls or Single Barrel Roll -
Stunt Hole in One Jump through the giant hole in the Mountain North Mountain Drive Carson GT Concept - Crash, Miss Jump or Fall off -
Stunt Barrel Roll Bash Perform a Barrel Roll and Crash 1st Street Bridge Hunter Manhattan - Clean Landing, No Barrel Roll or Crash into Car -
Skill Merry-Go Round Drift as much as you can around the Fountain Franke Avenue Fountain Monument Carson 500 GT 0m30s Crash Reverse Steering
Skill Stay on Terget Get as much Oncoming as you can Nelson Way (North of the Gas Station) Hunter Racing Oval Champ 1m00s Crash Locked Accelerator
Skill Switchback Drifter Drift as much as you can South Mountain Drive on Rockridge Cliff Krieger 616 Sport 0m25s Enter Shortcut -
Skill Wrong Way Street Get as much Oncoming as you can Lambert Parkway & 1st Street Kitano Hydros Custom 0m30s Go on Right Side of Road -
Speed Park Panic Smash 2 Billboards to stop the clock Downtown Park Montgomery Hyperion Timed Crash -
Speed Toll to Toll Race along the Interstate to the next Tollbooth. Then race back to start I-88 Section 1 Watson 25 V16 Revenge Timed Crash or Leaving I-88 -
Speed Downtown Dash Race around the Downtown Park Downtown Park Montgomery GT 2400 Timed Leave Downtown Park -
Speed Mind the Step Race to the bottom of the Steps Uphill Steps Carson Grand Marais Timed Crash -
Stunt Dead Man's Spin Land a Flat Spin Dead Man's Edge Nakamura Ikusa Samurai - Crash or no Flat Spin -
Stunt Spin to Win Land a 180-degree Flat Spin over the broken bridge. El-Train tracks on 1st Street Jansen P12 - Crash, no Flat Spin or under 180 Degree Flatspin -
Stunt Double Trouble Land a Double Barrel Roll. Read Lane Kitano Touge Sport - Crash, Single or no Barrel Roll, or Miss Jump -
Speed Park & Fly Enter the Car Park and race to the top. Then jump off the Roof and land back down at street level. Waterfront Garage Krieger 616 Sport - Leave area -