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Partners in Time is the sixth Timed Challenge included in Burnout Paradise's Cagney Pack and is one of the hardest challenges to complete due to the near misses involved and the short time allowed. The challenge takes place within the confines of Big Surf Beach for both goals, The first goal for this challenges is for each player to earn 3 aerial near misses and the second goal is for each player to jump over the other.


The first goal requires both players to each 3 aerial near misses each. This can only be done with both players using the split ramps located in the middle of the beach. An aerial near miss can be earned like a regular near miss except both vehicles must be in the air and moving.

In order for each player to earn their aerial near misses, each must jump off each ramp at the same time in order each player to be close enough to earn a near miss. If each player uses the same car and starts at the same distance away from the ramp, then they should meet at the same time in the air and earn a near miss as each ramp is offset from the other.

Aerial near misses can not be earned if one player jumps over the other. A player must near miss another player in mid-air in order for it to count.

Once both players have earned the required amount of near misses, they must then jump over each other using the ramps. If one player parks in between the ramps then the other player will be able to jump over them. After player A has successfully jumped over player B, player B must move out from between the ramps and get ready to jump over player A and wait for player A to get in position between the two ramps.

Landmarks to Note
Start Big Surf Beach Finish
BurnoutParadise 2009-07-22 18-02-15-05


Any vehicles will be able to do this challenge as not much of air time is required, however quick acceleration is a must as while the area of Big Surf Beach is very big the amount of time to complete the challenge will make small quick jumps vital for success.

An early stunt vehicle is best suited for this challenge but isn't required. Speed boost vehicles will not be suited to this challenge unless they can easily earn boost from the jumps. Also the Hunter Olympus, Rossolini LM Classic and Hunter Spur should be avoided as they have poor acceleration, poor handling and are poor at earning air time.