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Paradise Square is a 6-way intersection in Downtown Paradise, which is one of 5 districts in Burnout Paradise. It involves four of downtown's main streets & avenues which are listed below.

Notable Landmarks[]

Burning Routes[]

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Event Type Event Name Starting Point End Location
Burning Route (Right) 25 V16 Revenge Burning Route Franke Avenue Crystal Summit Observatory

Real World Resemblance[]

Paradise Square is undoubtedly a remake of Times Square, which is in New York City. The street layout (notably Franke Avenue imitating Broadway Avenue), many giant screen adverts and the overall look of the location give it away. The DJR Sports building loosely resembles One Times Square also.


  • During some "career" races, this area is a key shortcut to other faster and shorter roads, specifically down Franke Avenue or onto 2nd Street if the finish is in Waterfront Plaza or Wildcats Stadium. This is also the case if you are coming from those areas and going to the Maplemount Country Club or anywhere in the northern countryside.