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Green Sign Car Parks are a type of parking garage found in Paradise City in Burnout Paradise. However, it does not affect any career progression.

They are often used as secondary car parks to the more well-known Paradise City Yellow Sign Car Parks.

Most of the Green Sign garages are purely decorative, however some may contain ramps or shortcuts. Almost all larger Green Sign Car Parks are located within the Downtown Paradise district, however some smaller ones can be found in Palm Bay Heights and South Bay.

There are currently more green sign car parks than Yellow Signs although most of them are inaccessible to the player neither normally nor by using glitching.

Palm Bay Heights[]

North Big Surf Garage[]

The North Big Surf Garage is a ground level parking lot found along Moore Avenue between the Big Surf Railroad and a long building.

Its entry is marked by a simple height-limiting sign and small Green signs. The parking lot is relatively vast and is populated by a few parked traffic cars. Breakable lampposts are also present meaning that players can drift in circles inside.

The Cagney update added a Timed Challenge which takes place on this Car Park.

Players Challenge # Name Old Target New Target Part 1 Part 2
7 10 Somewhere New? 04m00s 06m00s Meet up in the Car Park on Moore Avenue. Every driver get 2,000 yds of Oncoming while driving in reverse on I-88. Focus people!

South Big Surf Garage[]

The South Big Surf Garage, the second garage on Moore Avenue, is located just between the I-88 and the on and off ramps connected to the Avenue.

The large car park's entry is blocked by a fence making it inaccessible and no cars are parked inside. The second story of the building extends over the Interstate ramps.

North Twin Bridges Garage[]

The North Twin Bridges Green Sign Garage is located on the South-Western corner of the Hamilton Avenue and 7th Street intersection, North of the Twin Bridges Mall and East of the Diesel Headquarters building.

It has 2 access points both on Hamilton but both of them are blocked rendering the parking lot inaccessible.

There are no discoveries within the garage but seeing its location and layout (the southern side is elevated and attached to the Mall) one can guess that the northern section is the Diesel building parking and the southern section is the Twin Bridges Mall parking.

Many traffic cars are parked on both sections of the garage.

South Twin Bridges Garage[]

The South Twin Bridges Green Sign is built along Paradise Avenue on the South-East corner of Young Avenue.

This car park is easily missed but gives access to get a Billboard. The player uses a ramp closed off by barriers to get into the building, the player then falls onto a small plaza to then jump through the Billboard.

The parking garage contains some cars but the actual parking area is blocked off.

West Acres Garage[]

The West Acres Garage can be found along 2nd Street to the East of the Hamilton Avenue intersection. It is South of the Palm Bay Heights Junkyard and East of the El-Train Tracks.

The simple parking lot is fenced off all around and its entrances are both blocked.

It holds no discoveries nor traffic cars and its parking space layout is very approximate. Nevertheless, around 30 cars could fit in it.

It has no significant importance and its role is purely decorative.

Downtown Paradise[]

South Motor City Garage[]

The South Motor City Green Sign Garage is located on the corner of the 4th Street and Glancey Avenue intersection. The Paradise City Central Station is a few yards East while the El-Train Tracks stretch on to the West over the Avenue.

The smallish parking lot has no cars parked in it, however it is partially accessible thanks to the driveway that leads to the entry which is then fenced off.

2 Smash Gates mark the entry points to the small shortcut but apart from these discoveries the car park is of little interest and is often overlooked by players.

North Waterfront Garage[]

The North Waterfront Green Sign Car Park is the widest in Paradise City and is partially accessible thanks to a super jump located on the roof of the Yellow Sign Car Park built across the street.

The super jump required to reach the roof of this car park is a challenging one if the player is driving a car with lower speeds and/or excessive weight. Stunt and Speed boost cars are most effective at handling this leap.

Once on the roof, players can choose to Drift in circles or drop down from it. Also, players can access the roof of the adjacent building, the northern rooftop via a hole in the railing leading to a Super Jump and the southern terrace letting the cars drop down on Webster Avenue.

Additionally, players may travel through the car park thanks to a service tunnel which links Webster Avenue to Angus Wharf and acts as a useful shortcut.

This Garage is particularly known by players since several Freeburn Challenges take place on or use it as a key location. They are listed below:

Players # Name Type
2 37 Into Space Team Jump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet up on top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
3 48 City Sights Team Jump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet upon top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
5 32 Rooftop Jumps Team Jump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet up on top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
6 42 Meet and Greet Team Jump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf and meet up on top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
8 49 Angus Leap Team Jump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet up on top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
4 2 Fast Car 03m00s Part 1: Meet up inside the Downtown Park.
Part 2: Jump from the Car Park on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet up on top of the Car Park on the WEST side.
7 8 EL's Angels 07m30s Part 1: Meet up on the tracks of the El-Train Station in River City.
Part 2: Jump from the Car Park on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet up on the Car Park on the WEST side.

West Waterfront Garage[]

The West Waterfront Green Sign Garage can be found on the North-Western corner of the Andersen Street and Webster Avenue intersection, on the same block as the North Waterfront Garage.

The 7 story high car park isn't populated by any traffic and from a gameplay standpoint isn't used either.

It is purely decorative and is not in any way accessible by the player. The blocked off entry is nonetheless placed on the Andersen Street side.

South Waterfront Garage[]

The South Waterfront Green Sign Garage is undergoing construction and is being built next to the a Waterfront Marina construction site. The complex is located North of the Wildcats Baseball Stadium on Angus Wharf.

The car park is partially accessible thanks to some already built ramps. The southbound ramp starts north of the construction site and takes drivers to the 3rd story of the garage before dropping them to the ground through a billboard. The northbound ramp propels players into the air helping them refill their boost bar.

North Downtown Garage[]

The North Downtown Green Sign Car Park is located between 3rd Street and Andersen Street adjacent to the Downtown Gas Station.

Other thoroughfares in the area include the El-Train Tracks, Paradise Square which is just a block away and the Downtown Park across the street.

The Car park is partially accessible since the Back Alley Shortcut goes by it. Going southbound, players use the entry ramps as natural ramps to leap over 3rd Street and land in the park.

The garage is actually 8 stories high because the whole structure is sunken beneath street level due to the elevation change that occurs. The bizarre construction is intriguing from a real life standpoint since the hole should be blocked off to prevent accidental falls. It is obviously kept for gameplay since the south side of the walls bear yellow and black warning signs for players making the Super Jump.

No traffic vehicles are parked inside making the building present mainly for decoration.

East Downtown Garage[]

The East Downtown Green Sign Car Park can be found on the North-West corner of the 3rd Street and Webster Avenue junction.

The car park itself is curiously below street level on Webster Avenue and the first floor gets partially underground as 3rd Street slopes upwards.

The car park has eight visible floors counting the roof and it is surrounded by box-cut hedges. There are two entry points but are purely decorative -like the building itself- since both are fenced. One is on Webster Avenue while the other is on 3rd street. They both are box shaped and read: "Low Clearance."

The building model is likely to be identical to the one used for the West Waterfront Garage.

South Downtown Garage[]

The South Downtown Green Sign Car Park is located between Franke Avenue and 2nd Street, North of the Urban Ocean Liner building.

It is undoubtedly the largest and tallest of any parks of its kind as well as being extremely long. This car park starts out as 7 stories on 2nd Street's first approach, but as 2nd Street intersects Fry Avenue, the elevation changes causing the building to gain 2 floors bringing the total to 9. Its proximity to Paradise Square may explain its size.

The first floor is accessible thanks to a small road that goes through it. This road is connects Franke Avenue and 2nd Street. It also reveals the traffic cars parked inside.

The second floor is only accessible from Franke Avenue, the entry being adjacent to the first one. This road goes through the second floor of the park then ends at a Billboard which players go through and drop down onto 2nd Street just above the first exit.

Harbor Town[]

North Park Vale Garage[]

The North Park Vale Green Sign Car Park is located along Lambert Parkway, South of the 2nd Street intersection across the street from the East Park Vale Garage and the Obelisk Triangle.

The complex structure has 3 access points plus a blocked street-side entry, the northernmost to the West of the intersection of both streets, the second opposite to the 1st Street intersection and the last North of the Harber Street junction; all are marked by Smash Gates and are relatively easy to spot.

The parking area itself isn't accessible but the driveway leading to its entry is and can be used as a shortcut. A few cars are parked inside despite both entrances being blocked off.

A Billboard can be found just north of the entry and can be crashed through in both directions, northbound players must travel at sufficient speed in order to get enough Air Time from the Natural Ramp next to the second entry.

East Park Vale Garage[]

The East Park Vale Green Sign Car Park is located on the 1st Street and Lambert Parkway intersection, North of the Obelisk Triangle and South of a large Hotel Paradise City building.

The parking lot is often overlooked by speeding drivers, it contains several traffic vehicles inside and seems to be built in front of a small factory or manufacturing building.

It cannot be accessed and isn't very appealing, the larger North Park Vale Garage built across the street holds more discoveries and offers players a more worthwhile time.

Paradise Wharf Garage[]

The Paradise Wharf Garage is built on the North-Western corner of the 1st Street and Hamilton Avenue intersection. The El-Train Tracks run past the parking structure and the West Big Surf Railroad stretches a couple hundred yards West.

The infrastructure is unique for a Green Sign since it combines a parking lot area with a few tens of spaces and a larger, stacked parking garage able to hold at least a hundred more vehicles.

Some traffic cars are parked on the ground area but the stacked garage is completely unoccupied.

Since the garage is inaccessible, it has little interest to it making it all the more easy to miss for cruising and speeding drivers alike.

North South Bay Garage[]

The clumsily named North South Bay Garage is located under the I-88 along Gabriel Avenue, sandwiched between Manners Avenue and some I-88 access ramps.

It is fenced all around and has one blocked entry, on Manners Avenue. There are several cars parked inside but the parking lot remains inaccessible.

It is curiously close to the Paradise Wharf Yellow Sign Car Park but no further discoveries are nearby enough to mention.

South Bay Garage[]

The South Bay Garage is located on the North-Western corner of the Gabriel Avenue and South Bay Expressway intersection.

The smallish parking lot has several traffic vehicles parked on it, with a total parking capacity of 26.

Its main use is as a shortcut linking the Paradise City Railroad to the Expressway as a gap can be traveled through to access the tracks.

Aside from aiding the passage from the street to the train tracks, the parking lot offers little more to attract players.

Big Surf Island[]

North Beach Garage[]

The North Beach Garage is located under St. Cath's Hospital on Glover Way. It is beside the better known Shires Drive Yellow Sign Park.

This car park location is most likely for the hospital above. It is not visible from the main roads of Daniell Way or Glover Way,as it is located to the side of the access road. One entrance to the access road is located just off Daniell, near the Shires Drive intersection. The other is located in the middle of Glover. Both entances are have island smash gates. The only indication that this is a green sign park are the signs on the Glover Way entrance, as the other entrance has a white/red sign.

Several small support pillars are visible as drivers enter the wide main entrance. The park itself is small and most drivers speeding through will probably not know it is accessible.

Midtown Garage[]

The Big Surf Island Midtown Garage is located at the intersection of Jacobs Street, Paradise Keys Bridge and Shires Drive.

The car park itself appears to be under construction as portions of the building have no barriers, because of this drivers can utilize these unfinished sections to drop off and get Air Time and Flat Spins. If the player is experienced in drifting it is possible to drift up to the roof of the building.

The building has two entrances, one is a construction walkway stretching over Jacobs Street from Stilgoe's Mall. The other entrance is located on Jacobs Street and gives the player access to the car park.

Although the building is named "Seville Tech" which would indicate that the building is an institution of sorts there is little room for such use as the majority of the building is for cars to be parked.