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Paradise City Parking (abbreviated "PCP") is likely to be the municipal organization that manages Parking structures and infra-structures throughout Paradise City.

There are several classes of car parks with different characteristics:

  • The Yellow Sign Car Parks, the official parking lots marked by large yellow "P" signs that the player can discover, access and use to find Discoveries or even complete Online Freeburn Challenges.
  • The Green Sign Car Parks, which can sometimes be accessed by the player. They can lead to discoveries but their placement is generally purely decorative.
  • The Unmarked Car Parks or other unique ones like the PCP Inspiral Car Park on Big Surf Island are listed below:

List of Unmarked Car Parks[]

Twin Bridges Garage[]

An underground, unsigned car park exists in Twin Bridges, at the junction between Young Avenue and Paradise Avenue. Several vehicles can be found parked inside. It has three entrances - two on Paradise Avenue and one on Young Avenue - and all are marked by Smashes, making them easy to spot. It is located close to Twin Bridges Yellow Sign Garage.

There is a Billboard above one of the entrances, however it cannot be accessed from the car park. Instead, you have to go onto the roof of the Twin Bridges Yellow Sign Garage, take one of the jumps which will land you on the roof of a nearby building, then drive straight ahead on the roof until you reach the Billboard, which you can crash through and land above one of the Paradise Avenue entrances.

Big Surf Beach Garage[]

This huge unmarked garage is located on the surface, in front of some buildings set back far from the road and next to Paradise Avenue and 9th Street junction, straight ahead of the incomplete bridge. It is not fenced off for most of its length, meaning it is easily accessible from 9th Street. Several vehicles, usually mostly Diesel and Gilette vans, can be found parked in here.

Sunset Valley Garage[]

This car park is located on the shortcut next to Chubb Lane, this car park is assumed to be the parking lot of the Sunset Valley Stadium as it connects with the stadium. Although completely unaccessable a sole car can be found parked inside. It has enough space to hold 35 cars.