Disambig iconThis article is about In-Game Achievements in PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Burnout Paradise. For Achievements in the Xbox 360 version of the game, see Achievements.

There is a total of 60 original awards for Burnout Paradise on the PlayStation 3 and PC. The Xbox 360 does not have these awards as they have been integrated into Achievements.

Awards can be accessed whilst in a car by pressing the Start/Esc button and then Square/1.

Some of these Awards have become Trophies after the release of the Trophy pack.

Award Name How to Unlock
Award45 Lookin' Good Repair your first wrecked car
Award31 Watt? Set a Time Road Rule on Watt St
Award46 It's Showtime Set a Showtime Road Rule on East Crawford Drive
Award34 Great Start Win a Race
Award44 Misdemeanour Collect 5 Billboards
Award47 Off the Beaten Path Collect 25 Smashes
Award33 Getting Away With It Win a race without crashing
Award35 Bottom of the Class Get your D Class License
Award6 Yatta! Shutdown the Nakamura SI-7
Award48 Showboating Get a x5 multiplier in Showtime
Award20 Perfect Rage Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without Wrecking
Award32 Rising From the Ashes Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage event
Award36 Spinnin' Around Perform a 360° Flatspin in any car
Award42 Frenzy! Get a Takedown Frenzy
Award49 Underachiever Get your C Class License
Award19 Learning to Fly Successfully land 5 Super Jumps
Award21 Getting in the groove Get a x2 Boost Chain
Award6 Taking Down Your Elders Shutdown the Rossolini LM Classic
Award28 Duckin' and Weavin' Win a Marked Man without being taken down
Award43 7 Stunt Wonders Win 7 unique Stunt Runs
Award30 Curb Job Power Park with at least 80% Rating
Award14 The Show Must Go On Get a x10 multiplier in Showtime
Award18 Gate Crasher Collect 200 Smashes
Award22 Road Block Set a Showtime Road Rule on 30 Roads
Award31 Speed Freak Set a Time Road Rule on 30 Roads
Award37 Feeling the Burn Win 10 Burning Routes
Award42 Rampage! Get a Takedown Rampage
Award8 The Mean Mile Set a record of 1 mile driving in oncoming
Award13 Must Try Harder Get your B Class License
Award6 Manhattan Project Shutdown the Hunter Manhattan
Award Name How to Unlock
Award23 Un-Chained Felony Get a x10 Boost Chain
Award30 Parallel Park Power Park with a 100% rating
Award6 You've just hired the B-Team Shutdown the Carson Inferno Van
Award41 Millionaires' Club Score over 1,000,000 in Stunt Run
Award52 Hangtime Successfully land 25 superjumps
Award7 Chairman of the Boards Collect 60 Billboards
Award12 Daredevil Land a 2 barrel roll jump
Award17 Boosting Around the World Get a x20 Boost Chain
Award24 Flying Colors Get your A Class License
Award6 The Full Monty Shutdown the Montgomery GT 2400
Award38 Stunt Superstar Score a x40 multiplier in Stunt Run
Award40 Supercharged Win 25 Burning Routes
Award6 King of the Road Shutdown the Jansen X12 Supercar
Award11 Car in a China Shop Get 500 Takedowns (incl online and offline)
Award6 Fall Guy Shutdown the Hunter 4x4
Award25 Paradise Won Win your Burnout Driving License
Award29 Elementary Win a Race in the Watson 25 V16 Revenge
Award39 All Pimped Out Win all Burning Routes
Award5 Explorer Find all Events
Award10 Paid and Displayed Find all Car Parks
Award50 Long Haul Drive 750 miles
Award16 Bustin' Out Collect all Billboards
Award26 Totally Smashed Collect all Smashes
Award28 Running Scared Win a Marked Man with the Krieger Racing WTR
Award4 Flying High Successfully land all Super Jumps
Award9 Speed King Set a Time Road Rule on every road
Award15 Crashin' All Over The World Set a Showtime Road Rule on every road
Award27 Shopaholic Find all Drive Thru's
Award3 Elite Win your Burnout Elite License
Award2 Criterion Elite Get your Elite License, win every event, find all discoverables and beat every Road Rule

Additional Awards

With the release of the Bikes pack came additional Awards for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Bike Awards can be accessed whilst on a bike by pressing the Start/Esc button and then X/Square/1.

Some of these Awards have become Trophies after the release of the Trophy pack.

Award Name How to Unlock
Award1 I Wheelie Did It! Pull a 10 yard Wheelie
Award1 Get Your Motor Running Clock up 50 miles riding offline in Paradise City
Award1 Hound Dog Complete any Day Road Rule by beating the time along any street between 8am and 8pm
Award1 Night Crawler Complete any Night Road Rule by beating the time along any street between 8pm and 8am
Award1 24 Hours In Paradise Ride a bike for a full 24 hour day and night cycle
Award1 Biker Gang Ride 10 Miles in an 8 player lobby
Award1 Part of the Pack Head online and team up with other riders to complete any Bike Freeburn Challenge
Award1 Leader of the Pack Complete 1 set of Bike Freeburn Challenges
Award1 Show-Off Pull a wheelie over 500 yards
Award1 Burning Rubber Complete 32 of the Day and Night Road Rules
Award Name How to Unlock
Award1 Fly Me To The Moon Successfully land a jump of at least 2 seconds air time
Award1 Wheelie Far Pull a wheelie over 1000 yards
Award1 Daylight Runner Win 10 Burning Rides
Award1 Speed in the City Win 10 Midnight Rides
Award1 Rulin 9 to 5 Complete 32 Day Road Rules
Award1 King of Darkness Complete 32 Night Road Rules
Award1 Own the Day and Night in Style Get your total Road Rule Time below 80 minutes
Award1 Long Distance Rider Clock up 250 miles riding around Paradise City
Award1 Full Bike License Earn 100% on your Bike License - Complete all Burning & Midnight Rides
Award1 101% Rider License Complete all Road Rules, all Burning & Midnight Rides and 2 sets of Bikes Freeburn Challenges

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