Palm Bay Marina Palm Bay Marina - B2 icon
Palm Bay
Palm Bay Marina
Laps 3 laps
Length 4.0 miles
Weather Sunset/Sunny
Races 4
Crashes 4
"Slide your car at breakneck speeds through busy downtown streets. A fast city course to test your skills!" - Burnout 2 manual
Palm Bay Marina is a track that appears in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It takes place around the whole of the Palm Bay region. It is the longer counterpart of Palm Bay Heights. It also appears in Burnout Legends as part of the USA tracks. The game's second title screen demo takes place on this course, featuring the Custom Compact and three other custom series vehicles.


The longer looping track extends past the region of Palm Bay Heights, with the track's name coming from the fact that the whole of the waterfront is now present. The areas in this course are noticeably more dangerous than the Heights track, as the traffic is much more dense. There is also a high number of light turns as well as hard ones.

This course comes very close to the border of Big Surf region and also crosses under part of the Interstate 88.

Prerequisites to unlock

Forward: Complete the Pacific Gate Grand Prix.

Reverse: Complete the Speed Streak Grand Prix.



Palm Bay Marina B2 thumbWinding Road Grand Prix - Race 4
Palm Bay Marina B2 thumbRoller Coaster Grand Prix - Race 3
Palm Bay Marina (R) B2 thumbSplit Second Grand Prix - Race 1
Palm Bay Marina (R) B2 thumbPoint Of Impact Grand Prix - Race 5

Crash Zone

Palm Bay Marina B2 thumbCrash zone 01 - Down Hill Demolition - B2 thumbDown Hill Demolition
Palm Bay Marina B2 thumbCrash Zone 18 - Criss Cross Crush
Palm Bay Marina B2 thumbCrash Zone 19 - Roadblock
Palm Bay Marina B2 thumbCrash Zone 26 - Cross Traffic Crash

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