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"Slide your car at breakneck speeds through busy downtown streets. A fast city course to test your skills!" - Burnout 2 manual

Palm Bay Heights is a track that appears in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It takes place around the suburban city area of the Palm Bay region and is the shorter counterpart of Palm Bay Marina.

The track features a fast-paced route along Palm Bay waterfront and its nearby residential area. Care must be taken, as there are many roads going uphill and downhill, which makes spotting traffic more difficult. Also, there are many tight turns, which, if not drifted through precisely, can cause the car to spin out of control and may result in a crash.

Rather than sharing a music track with its longer counterpart, Palm Bay Heights has a song all to itself. The reversed route also has one extra lap than the forward route.


The route starts on a short street and goes right after the start along the waterfront. After driving under the train viaduct, the route goes straight ahead until the next corner. After the left corner, the route continues along a very long road with two checkpoints.

The long street splits into two for half a mile. Right behind the split, it goes uphill, and the second checkpoint comes and after that a tight left turn. After the intersection, it goes all the way downhill. Before the route reaches the finish, it leads through the last right turn.

Prerequisites to unlock[]


Route Event Conditions
Palm Bay Heights B2 thumb Pacific Gate Grand Prix - Race 3 Sunny
Palm Bay Heights B2 thumb Street Storm Grand Prix - Race 4 Overcast
Palm Bay Heights (R) B2 thumb Heart Attack Grand Prix - Race 2 Sunny