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The Pacific Gate Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact and is the first stage of the Championship with 3 races.

Being the first stage of the Championship, it is the easiest and shortest Grand Prix against the multiple opponents:

  • The Compact in yellow or blue (if yellow is taken)
  • The Pickup in burgundy or white (if burgundy is taken)
  • The Coupe in blue or white (if blue is taken)
  • If the player selects any of the above, the SUV will appear in burgundy or black if burgundy is taken.


This event is comprised of 3 races:

Title Icon Conditions
Airport Terminal 3 Airport Terminal 3 B2 thumb Sunny
88 Interchange 88 Interchange B2 thumb Sunny
Palm Bay Heights Palm Bay Heights B2 thumb Sunny


  • Upon winning the Pacific Gate Grand Prix, the player is rewarded with a cup commemorating their victory and unlocks the The Run To The Sun event as well as the Ocean Sprint track for Single Race, Time Attack, and Pursuit.
  • Finishing first in all 3 races unlocks Face Off 1 and the Interstate Loop track.
  • Completing the Pacific Gate Grand Prix contributes, with the 3 other Grand Prix in the Championship, to unlocking the Invulnerability cheat.
  • Winning a Gold medal on this stage contributes to the unlocking the Infinite Boost cheat.