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Crash zone 11 - Late Arrival - intersection

Big Rigs

In the Burnout series there are bigger vehicles, also called as the oversized traffic vehicles, are placed in the game as the large obstacle. Large vehicles can act like normal traffic but it's size makes it trickier to avoid.

Oversized vehicles also become one of difficult obstacles in the series starting from Burnout Revenge as bigger vehicles cannot be checked, in other words, causes for players to wreck, big time. In Burnout Paradise, on the other hand, Buses and Container Trucks become the "wrecking ball" of the game because these things make it easier for smaller cars to crash, even at moderate speed.

However, in Crash modes, damaging an Oversized traffic vehicle can score bigger points.


  • RVs do appear in Burnout Paradise though they are scenery vehicles so they are not seen driving around Paradise City
Big Rig

A Big Rig seen in an earlier version of Burnout Paradise