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Over Construction is a Stunt Run starting at the Harber Street and Warren Avenue junction which is located in Harbor Town. You start this event facing west on Harber Street. This event is easier for players who are newer to stunt run because it doesn't require them to perform a lot of stunts which need a little more experience, like reverse spins and barrel rolls.


Scores over 500,000 points.

  • A soon as you gain control of your car at the start of the event, immediately turn to the right. There will be a Perfect Cover Paintshop to the right of the main road and a shortcut that will lead you through a building. Once you take this shortcut you will see a ramp and a billboard. Here you do have the option of a flat spin, but it can be tricky. Best results require you to be driving at moderate speed and to flat spin just before smashing through the billboard. After you've done this, you will see the 1st Street Bridge Super Jump. You will need to use the split ramp on the right-hand side for a barrel roll. Performing this barrel roll is a key part of winning the stunt run.
  • Keep driving straight on 1st Street until you see a ramp with a billboard at the top. Once you've taken this ramp and have driven off of the open section at the end of the tracks, keep driving to the end of the street until you see a red banner that says "Paradise City." As soon as you've driven up to this banner, take a the left onto Webster Avenue. Along this street, there are three billboards accessed by a series of small ramps which separate the main road. You will see the first billboard almost immediately after turning here, but keep driving straight until you see the Third billboard lined up in the center divider. Once you turn around to take this billboard you will see the ramp that will be used to hit it.
  • If you're done hitting all billboards and have driven back down to the Paradise City banner, take another left here onto Angus Wharf. At the beginning of the street you will see the Wildcats Baseball Stadium which will be to your right. After you've driven a short distance you will see a small parking lot next to the stadium that has a ramp which you will need to take. After jumping off of the ramp, perform a 180 to see a second ramp located in the same parking lot. Note that this ramp also has a billboard that can be seen once you have driven to the top.

Assuming you've performed all of the stunts correctly, this stunt run is over and you should have just enough points to beat the target score.