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The Oval Racer Special is a vehicle unlocked for collecting all the Signature Takedowns and is categorized under the Special Class in the garage. The stock car bears like its real-life counterparts many sponsor logos and decals and also a B3 logo standing for Burnout 3. It appears in most Burnout games including Burnout Paradise as the Hunter Racing Oval Champ. It also returns in Burnout Legends as Oval Special Racer.

When using the Oval Racer Special, the CPU rivals will always be using Sports series cars. Although the Oval Racer Special has speed equal to Super series vehicles, it suffers from somewhat stiff handling. This car is also exceptional when it comes to doing damage to the other racers and taking them out. The Oval Special Racer is overall a great reward for its unlock requirements.

The available colors for this vehicle are red/white, blue/light blue and black/red.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for collecting all 20 Signature Takedowns.


The Oval Racer Special resembles a NASCAR series Chevrolet Monte Carlo.


  • The Oval Racer Special is only featured in two events of the World Tour.

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