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The Oval Racer is a premiere vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact, and a standalone car. Its design is based heavily on a typical NASCAR vehicle.

With perfect handling and top speed and incredible acceleration, the Oval Racer is one of the best vehicles in the game despite being one of the first few unlocked. Its stats are very similar to the Japanese Muscle, though the Oval Racer is the more desirable choice due to having one more acceleration point.

For the Xbox release, however, its near-perfect stats have seen quite a drop. While the two vehicles share the same acceleration, the Japanese Muscle has higher top speed and control, making it the better option out of the two for the Xbox release. Despite this, the Oval Racer is still a good racing option and can still hold its own against some of the slower custom class vehicles.

Similarly to the Supercar and the custom series vehicles, the Oval Racer has additional color options for the Xbox release; the default red & white, silver & blue, blue & white and sky blue & red.

How to Unlock[]

Win Face Off 2.


The Oval Racer resembles the NASCAR Ford Taurus.


  • Despite resembling a Stock Car Racer, the Oval Racer has fully funcitoning turn signals.

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