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The Racing Oval Champ 07 Burning Route is very simple to complete, but the player can not complete it if he or she wrecks more than once or twice. The Racing Oval Champ is one of the fastest accelerators from a stand-still in the game, but it is not the most ideal car for navigating Paradise City's urban traffic.


Right from the start you'll see a dirt ramp on your left. Take this ramp, and then once you land, immediately turn left which will get you off the highway and onto Lambert Parkway. Take caution as this road has many hills, parked cars, and traffic. You might not see a car when nearing the peaks until it is too late. Take the wide right onto 1st Street and keep going straight until you pass Fry Avenue.

Do not take the ramp onto the El-Train Tracks. Instead, take the small shortcut under them onto Root Avenue, then go through Downtown Park and then through the building under construction, which has two paths. Take the left path to get shot out onto Andersen Street and be one block away from the Waterfront Plaza. Take the right path and then a right once your out if you are afraid that you might land on or next to a car from the Super Jump.

Alternate Routes[]

  • Take the jump onto the train tracks, then follow them all the way to Andersen Street. Be careful when taking the left turn at Root & Andersen, as there is an opening in the fence. If you do not turn sharp enough, you might fall off the tracks onto Root.
  • Start out heading south along I-88. Be careful when you go through the toll booths. Once you go through them, get into same way traffic and take the ramp to your right onto Webster Avenue, then go through the Wildcats Baseball Stadium. From then on it is a straight-line drive to the finish.
  • If you are having trouble with the shortcut from I-88 to Webster and completing the route in the alloted time, it is also possible to stay on I-88 and follow it under Webster Avenue, and then take the second freeway exit and drift hard to the right onto Andersen Street.  Floor it and the Waterfront Plaza is dead-ahead.



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