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Disambig iconThis article is about Road Rages in Burnout Paradise's Online Freeburn mode. For information on Road Rages on other Burnout games, see Road Rage.

Online Road Rage is the online variation of Road Rage, although the gameplay mechanics of this online mode resemble more those of the offline Marked Man. It was released with the other two freeburn game modes in the Cagney update (Online Marked Man and Online Stunt Run). Once the host launches Online Road Rage from Freeburn Game Modes in the Easy Drive Menu, all players can change their team to blue or red using the menu option before the game is launched. Any amount of drivers can be on either team as long as there is at least one driver on both teams.


Blue Team[]

The Blue Team's goal is to drive through a checkpoint and then make it to the finish line without being taken down by the Red Team. The Blue Team cannot see the finish line until they have crossed the checkpoint. If any players from the Blue Team make it through the checkpoint and to the finish line without being taken down by the Red Team, the Blue Team will win.

Red Team[]

The Red Team's goal is to keep everyone on the Blue Team from making it to the finish line. This team can see the Blue Team's checkpoint as well as the Blue Team's finish line. This gives the Red Team the option to wait for the Blue Team at the finish line or to chase the members of the Blue Team through the streets of Paradise City.

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