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An Online Race is the online variation of a regular Race. It was shipped with the original Burnout Paradise disc and features two close yet distinct modes: the casual Unranked Race and the more competitive Ranked Race mode. While in Freeburn Online, the host can select 'Create Event' from the Easy Drive Menu. The menu will open and the host will be able to modify an event's settings before launching the Race.

Unranked Racing[]

For casual racers, Unranked Racing lets the host organize a race or set of races (up to 5 rounds). The host can choose to tweak several parameters such as toggling traffic, locking vehicle selection to a specific Boost group or a single car and most importantly: choosing his own race route by setting checkpoints and changing the start and finish lines. One can include up to 15 checkpoints which are placed on selected street intersections.

Ranked Racing[]

The main Burnout Paradise online competitive mode, Ranked Racing records players' performance using a skill points system. Players will gain or lose points depending on their race position compared to that of other players in terms of skill.

Skill Points[]

Outcome Rival Skill
Lower Equivalent Higher
Points Earned
+ 0 to 50 + 50 + 50 to 100
Points Lost
- 50 to 100 - 50 - 50 to 0

Skill Points attribution follows rules shown in this table. Players must note that 1st position must not systematically be attained to earn points, finishing before another rival is always rewarded and each rival beaten earns a variable number points. Players leaving in the middle of a race will lose a large number of points as they will be counted in last position.

Special rules apply to beginners:

  • Players will never lose the maximum number of points when their Skill rating is equal or less than 1120.
  • Players will never lose points when their Skill rating is equal or less than 50.

Cagney Pack Changes[]

To prevent cheating, changes have been made and were included in the Cagney update.

  • No Custom Routes
  • Traffic toggle disabled.
  • Vehicles are able to be grouped by boost rating.
  • Car selection is done after race route viewing.
  • Kicking disabled.
  • Starting positions are based on the players' Ranking.
  • All cars have full Boost at the start of the race.
  • Rank and Racing points are displayed on Today's Best.