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Online Marked Man is an up-to-eight-player Online event that was released with the other two Freeburn game modes (Online Stunt Run and Online Road Rage) in the Cagney update. The host of a Freeburn game can select 'Freeburn Game Modes' and then 'Online Marked Man' from the Easy Drive Menu. One player will be chosen at random to be the Marked Man and the other players will become 'Chasers.'

The Marked Man[]

The Marked Man has two major disadvantages. Their vehicle has no Boost and is unable to see the Chasers on their map. This requires the Marked Man to take shortcuts, sharp turns, or hide in hard-to-get to areas to avoid the Chasers. It is also advantageous for the Marked Man to constantly watch their surroundings for the Chasers by constantly panning the camera around their vehicle while driving. The Marked Man scores 2 points each time they Takedown a Chaser and one point if they survive 90 seconds without being taken down or crashing.

The Hunters[]

Those who are hunting the Marked Man are known as Chasers. They are given an unlimited amount of boost and can see all of the racers on their maps meaning they can locate and catch up to the Marked Man. Cars with Speed Boost can use their boost even if it is not full like the other boosts whilst they are Chasers. The Chaser that takes down the Marked Man earns 1 point.

New Marked Man[]

A player who has not yet been the Marked Man is randomly chosen to be the Marked Man in each round. The game is over when each player has been the Marked Man once. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


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