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B2 Oval Racer oncoming drift

The Oval Racer drifting into oncoming on 88 Interchange in Burnout 2.

Driving in Oncoming traffic is one of many methods of earning boost in all Burnout Games. Oncoming denotes how far players have been driving in oncoming traffic or on the wrong side of the road. The goal for players is to cover as large of a distance as possible without Crashing, driving onto the pavement, crossing over to the correct side of the road or stopping as these will reset the distance covered.

Oncoming is the main way of earning Boost in early Burnout titles such as Burnout and Burnout 2: Point of Impact. The Takedown mechanic was introduced in Burnout 3: Takedown and as a result made the use of oncoming to earn boost less important as well as shifting the main gameplay to taking down rivals. The ability to earn boost in oncoming traffic is present in all Burnout games but has become more important for Speed boost and Stunt boost cars in Burnout Paradise as Burnouts can be easily earned whilst travelling in Oncoming. Aggression boost cars can efficiently use oncoming traffic as support for their boost inflow but actively attacking other cars, traffic and the environment is a much easier manner in which they can earn boost.

Tracks located in the Far East have the Oncoming Lane on the right hand side of the road. On European and US tracks the Oncoming lane is on the left hand side of the road.

In Burnout Paradise, the Boost Bar doesn't fill at the same speed for every Type. Indeed, Speed boost tends to gain more Boost from Oncoming while Aggression boost earn less from it, partly because they are designed to destroy and Check cars rather than avoid them.