Offensive Driving 101 is a unique game mode in Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

It is the first and only option available for Single Player at the start of the game and imposes itself as the introduction and tutorial. The purpose of such a mode is to make the player familiar with the game mechanics and notably the various Driving Skills to ultimately master Boost and its specifics.

Offensive Driving 101 puts the player at the wheel of the Driver's Ed car for 6 short lessons. A ranking system is active for each but a Bronze medal is sufficient to move on. Nevertheless, earning a Gold medal on each of the lessons unlocks the Driver's Ed car for use in other events.

Ironically, Offensive Driving 101 can be seen as the parody to real life anti-driver's education since it teaches illegal maneuvers and promotes dangerous driving.


There are 6 lessons that aim to hone the player's skills.

Offensive Driving 101 lesson 01 - Oncoming Traffic - B2 thumb
Oncoming Traffic
B2 Bronze 800 ft
B2 Silver 1,500 ft
B2 Gold 1,900 ft
Offensive Driving 101 lesson 02 - Near Misses - B2 thumb
Near Misses
B2 Bronze 3
B2 Silver 5
B2 Gold 10
Offensive Driving 101 lesson 03 - Drifting - B2 thumb
B2 Bronze 200 ft
B2 Silver 510 ft
B2 Gold 1,980 ft
Offensive Driving 101 lesson 04 - Getting Air - B2 thumb
Getting Air
B2 Bronze 230 ft
B2 Silver 260 ft
B2 Gold 300 ft
Offensive Driving 101 lesson 05 - Boost Meter - B2 thumb
Boost Meter
B2 Bronze 50 seconds
B2 Silver 30 seconds
B2 Gold 20 seconds
Offensive Driving 101 lesson 06 - Use the Boost - B2 thumb
Use the Boost
B2 Bronze 59 seconds
B2 Silver 45 seconds
B2 Gold 36 seconds

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