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The Off Road C180 Super is an upgraded version of the Off road C170 Mid. Performance-wise it has it's crashbreaker has been increased to force 9 and it's speed increased to 180 MPH. Aesthetically it has been given a new paint job, a new windshield, new rims, a new roll cage, replaced roof lights and a repaired front grill. Additionally it's color can be changed unlike it's counterpart.

The Off Road C180 Super may have a top speed of 180 MPH, but it feels incredibly slow compared to other cars at the same speed. The crashbreaker is very strong and can help players increase their explosion multiplier. In spite of being an off road vehicle, it has slippery handling and is not recommended for bendy junctions.

Represented as a car of Central Route, the Off Road C180 Super has a Hong Kong license plate that reads HK-CR-01 (Hong Kong Crasher 1).

The following colors are available for the Off Road C180: purple, grey, green, dark blue, brown, black, red, and blue

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox Get a Bronze Medal in Central Route Crash Noodles of Fun in a Rank 6.

Xbox 360 Get a Bronze Medal in Angel Valley Crash Highway To Crash in a Rank 8.


The Off Road C180 Super mostly takes on the looks from a mid to late 90's Dodge Ram. This vehicle may be the predecessor to Burnout Paradise's Hunter Takedown 4x4.

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