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Ocean Sprint is a track featured in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is the first of three point-to-point tracks in the game and connects the coastline of Big Surf Shores to the bay-side of Palm Bay Marina . It is also known as The Run to the Sun, named after its respective Championship event and also a reference to the fact that the forward route races towards the much sunnier Big Surf Shores.


The key difference between Ocean Sprint and most other tracks in the game is that Ocean Sprint does not loop back around on itself. Racers instead go from point A to point B, hence the name, point-to-point. In this case, the player races from the downtown bay-side area in Palm Bay Marina to the end of the coastline just before the suburban area in Big Surf Shores, connected through a tunnel.

Prerequisites to unlock[]

Forward: Complete the Pacific Gate Grand Prix.

Reverse: Complete either The Run To The Sun with a gold medal or the Custom Series Qualifier.