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The Nixon Special is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

It boasts the most responsive steering and the tightest grip, and can easily take every corner without the need to drift. It also has the quickest acceleration, meaning a very fast start for race events.

However because of its quick acceleration, its cruising speed drops down significantly from its boosting speed. The steering can also cause problems when boosting and drifting sharply at a slow speed, which may cause it to lose grip and spin out easily.

It is also a bad choice for Road Rage events because of its super-light weight, and can be taken out easily.


The Nixon Special is unlocked upon completing the Eastern Bay Challenge Sheet.


  • In the PlayStation 2 and Xbox releases of Burnout Revenge, it has a boosting speed of 205 mph, whereas in the Xbox 360 release, it has a boosting speed of 209 mph.
  • Nixon is an American wristwatch, accessory, and audio brand.
  • Its livery, as well as its name, could be a reference to the "John Player Special" Lotus 76 Formula 1 car that raced in the 1974 Formula 1 series.