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Near Miss

An example of a Near Miss in Burnout 3. Note that this was also done in the Oncoming Lane.

A Near Miss occurs when a player passes extremely close to another vehicle at high speed without making contact with the vehicle. Near Misses can be performed on same-direction traffic, oncoming traffic, online players and even parked cars but it cannot be performed on AI Rivals.

In the early Burnout 1 and Burnout 2 titles the player would have to get extremely close to traffic vehicles in order to be awarded a Near Miss. In later games the distance needed became more increased. Near Misses can also be chained by performing two or more in quick succession.

In the Maniac and Near Miss Challenges of Burnout Dominator and in Burnout 2 a chime is played after a successful Near Miss. In Dominator Oncoming Near Misses earned more points than same-way near misses.

Near Misses do not have much of an effect on the score of a Stunt Run in Burnout Paradise. An easy way to get Near Misses in Burnout Paradise is to find a stretch of parked cars along a road such as Watt Street.


  • Near Missing a player's wrecked car counts during a Near Miss Freeburn Challenge.
  • A Near Miss streak will end 5 seconds after passing the last vehicle.

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