Burnout Wiki

Natural Ramps are any inclined section of Paradise City that can be used to force the vehicle into the air. This includes staircases, downhill sections of roads, inclined edges of buildings, sudden elevations in the ground such as hills, and others. Lighter vehicles have more accessibility to Natural Ramps because their lighter bodies are more easily elevated into the air.

Stunt Run Uses[]

For Stunt Run events, Natural Ramps can be used to gain a certain amount of airtime. If a Natural Ramp can force the car to fly and stay in the air for a second or longer, the player can gain an extra +1 multiplier thanks to the Air Time bonus. Otherwise Natural Ramps can simply be used to gain raw points with air and possibly perform at least a 180 degree spin for a Flat Spin bonus multiplier.

Other event Uses[]

For other events such as Race and Road Rage, Natural Ramps can be used to perform vertical takedowns on opponents. If the player can position their car above the opponent and fall on them as they are coming down, they will perform a vertical takedown. Other uses include quickly gaining a certain amount of boost by using Natural Ramps to gain some air time. This is especially useful for Stunt boost vehicles because their boost bars are refilled the most by stunts such as air time.