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Front wheel drive means no surprises in the drift, but no doughnuts either! It won't cause you many heart-stopping moments, but it's slavish obedience will get you out of sticky situations.

The Nakamura SI-7 Turbo a front-wheel drive speed boost vehicle in Burnout Paradise.

As the first speed boost car unlocked by the player, it serves as an introduction to mechanics behind performing a Burnout using speed boost type cars.

Its front-wheel drive layout and lack of power allows it to be easily controlled and is responsive at higher speeds, but it can be difficult to throw the car into a drift at lower speeds and may understeer until higher speeds are achieved. It can feel a bit sluggish through tight and sharp corners, as it has mediocre acceleration to encourage boosting.

With a strength rating of 3, its not meant for Road Rage events, although its light and agile small body and light make it a decent choice for Stunt Run events as long as players can keep the speed up to prevent the boost from disengaging at low speeds.


Win 3 events, then shut it down.


  • With the release of the Free February Update, its boost rating was lowered from 3 to 2.
  • The SI-7 is one of 6 front-wheel drive Paradise vehicles that are capable of performing donuts while driving in reverse.
  • The license plate reads: AS-B1-SC, which stands for "Asian Burnout 1 Sports Coupé."
  • The Paradise Award "Yatta!", unlocked for shutting down the SI-7, is a past-tense Japanese verb for "I did it!"
  • During production, the SI-7 was named the Nakamura "RI-7 Turbo."[citation needed]