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The Nakamura Racing Group know what to do when it comes to cars. They have race-tuned the engine for greater speed, but they've backed off the boost for increased reliability.

The Nakamura Racing SI-7 is an upgraded variant of the SI-7.

With performance similar stock SI-7, it is a light, agile, and responsive speed boost vehicle. Although it feels lacking in terms of power and straight line acceleration, the mid-range acceleration has improved somewhat, however, its decreased boost performance means it cannot as easily continuously chain Burnouts chains, but is more responsive at high speed.

It suffers from various front-wheel drive drawbacks, such as understeer and can be difficult to throw into a drift at lower speeds. Its low strength rating of 3 means it's less than applicable for Road Rage events as it loses almost all control when hit.


Beat the SI-7 Burning Route event.

Burning Route[]

Type Name & Location Finish Point & Objective Vehicle
Burning Route SI-7 Burning Route
Sullivan & 9th
Target Time: 1:23
Waterfront Plaza
Required: Nakamura SI-7
Reward: Nakamura Racing SI-7


  • With the release of the Free February Update, its speed rating was lowered from 2 to 1.
  • The Racing SI-7 is one of 6 front-wheel drive Paradise vehicles that are capable of performing donuts while driving in reverse.
  • The livery for the Racing SI-7 is reminiscent of the Toyota Castrol Team's 1993 Toyota Celica Turbo.