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Rock gods B'z bring you this fantastic custom Ikusa GT. Crank it up to 11, and rock on!

The Nakamura Ikusa GT B'z is a Japan only promotional vehicle featured in Burnout Paradise for B'z, a Japanese rock duo, and is based on the Nakamura Ikusa GT.

Promotional release

It is a good stunt car as its ability to perform Stunts and Driving Skills, as well as its top speed and fantastic handling, make it a great early unlock car; performing well in Race events as well as Stunt Run events although its weight makes it a little heavier than other Stunt class cars.


Enter "bzfriction" as a case-sensitive code, although it was only made available for the Japanese localisation, and have a C Class License.


  • With the release of the Free February Update, the option to enter sponsor codes were removed.
  • "Ikusa" is the Japanese word for "Battle."
  • The Ikusa GT B'z, and its other variants, are the only vehicles with a right-hand drive.
  • This car cannot be used in an online Cops & Robbers game.