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Built for the track and never intended for the road, the Firehawk GP Competition bike is the product of the worlds most advanced motorcycle racing R+D. The ultimate bike for the ultimate rider.

The Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition is a racing motorcycle in Burnout Paradise and was introduced with the release of the Burnout Bikes update.

It is manufactured by Nakamura and is an upgraded variant of the Nakamura Firehawk V4 built for MotoGP racing. As the last unlocked Paradise Bike, it has the highest Speed rating, the lowest Strength rating, and is a boostless type vehicle.


The Firehawk GP Competition is unlocked by earning the Rider License, a license given to the player upon reaching 100% progression through beating all 19 Burning Ride events and all 19 Midnight Ride events.



There are eight available country livery designs that can be applied to both the bike and its male rider:

  • 'United Kingdom'
  • 'Japan'
  • 'USA'
  • 'Canada'
  • 'Italy'
  • 'Germany'
  • 'France'
  • 'Spain'


  • A female rider can not be selected for use with the Firehawk GP Competition.
  • It can not be applied with a Chrome Finish.
  • It is the only vehicle in Burnout Paradise to have a Strength rating of zero.
  • Criterion Games announced they were intending to make more liveries available for the GP Competition including 'Australia', 'Brazil', 'China', 'Colombia', 'Croatia', 'Finland', 'Iceland', 'India', 'Laos', 'Libya', 'Mexico', 'Netherlands', 'Puerto Rico', 'Russia', 'Scotland', 'South Africa', 'South Korea', and 'Sweden'.[citation needed]
  • Its livery can not be changed from 'United Kingdom' in Burnout Paradise Remastered.