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Awarded for beating all the Time Road Rules, this limited edition aerospace Ikusa GT comes with Aggression Boost as standard and a strong carbon fiber body shell.

The Nakamura Carbon Ikusa GT is a carbon modified variant of the Ikusa GT. It has a statistic increase in every field from its original with an extra 4 speed points, 4 boost points and 1 strength point. It also features a chrome finish and a boost type conversion from Stunt to Aggression. This car is very good for Road Rages as well as Marked Man events due to its boost conversion. It has a tougher and stronger body that can takedown opponents easier when things get rough. Its higher speed and boost ratings make it much more competent during Race events. Despite this vehicle's Aggression Boost, it is very good at Barrel Rolls and so at Stunt Runs.

When using the E-brake to drift, this coupe reverts back to its original stunt nature. Drifts are a breeze and very short. The car's handling has been improved over its normal variant brethren. More turns can be made without drifting which in turn makes this car great for aggression like tactics such as pushing other cars off the road, slipping through traffic, or even last minute drifts. This car can make the Hans Way switchback section without drifting, which is unusual for aggression cars, but then again, this is not your normal aggression car. The handling of this car has a preference to slight oversteer which, with some practice, makes this car the best all rounder general purpose vehicle.

More comparable to the Nighthawk due to the extra weight, the added pounds the car receives is barely noticeable. Barrel rolls are simple and, if placed right, very quick. If the player gains enough speed, double barrel rolls are possible across the kicker ramps on the Paradise City Bridge, much like the Manhattan. From its rather long body and quick to rotate barrel rolls, Double Rodeos are very feasible, which once again makes it unique for an Aggression car. With a strength of 5, it doesn't do the car justice for it acts with a strength of 6 more often than not. Driveaway is moderately high.


Beat all Time Road Rules.


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Carbon Ikusa GT's stats were tweaked and its speed stat was lowered from 8 to 6.
  • "Ikusa" is the Japanese word for "Battle".
  • The Carbon Ikusa GT and its other three variants are the only vehicles in the game with the steering wheel shown on the right hand side of the car, thus having right-hand drive steering.
  • This vehicle can't be used in an online Cops & Robbers game.
  • This vehicle is the only Carbon car equipped with Aggression boost.