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Nakamura Avenue is a road Paradise City located in Big Surf itself in Palm Bay Heights. The 265 yard 2-by-1 lane road links East Crawford Drive to 9th Street. Nakamura Avenue is one of the 3 roads in Paradise City that doesn't feature a single offline event, the only attractive venue of this Avenue is the Big Surf Gas 5 station, although its awkward placement leaves a lot to be desired during a race event.

Nakamura Avenue (along with the car manufacturer) is named after Yuta Nakamura, the Lead Vehicle Artist of Burnout Paradise at Criterion Games. This is also confirmed by the fact that the default best Time Road Rule record is held by "Yuta". Strangely, there are no visible clues as to why this road was named Nakamura Avenue, as the Nakamura car plant is located along Lambert Parkway.


Starting at East Crawford Drive, the Avenue heads south and connects to 9th Street. Despite being the shortest street in Paradise City, it is also the most bendy over length, and the road isn't entirely level either. After cutting through the West Big Surf Railroad, Nakamura Avenue then dips down under the I-88 Freeway, after which it rises back to normal level and dead-ends at the T-intersection with 9th Street.


Nakamura Avenue is one of the rare examples of Paradise City roads that do not feature single player events.


No shortcuts open up or are linked to Nakamura Avenue.

Landmarks of Interest[]

Listed from North to South

  • Beachfront Promenade
  • Diesel store
  • Film Reel
  • S Sheri's

Gameplay Strategies[]

For events requiring to reach a finish line, this road is not reccomended at all. The Avenue dead-ends in sharp turns, and all in all it is highly inadvisable road for such events.
The only Takedown opportunities are the walls at the sides of the road. The traffic is very light on this road and there are no parked cars to be found here.
The absence of any Score Multiplier opportunities makes Nakamura an ill choice for Stunt Run events.

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