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The Muscle Type 3 is one of the first 3 cars unlocked after starting the Muscle Series. Again, like the Muscle Type 2, this car is a bit weak when it comes to combat, so it is not the best choice for Road Rage events. Its responsive handling, however, makes this vehicle a good choice for Race events.

The Muscle Type 3 is an exceptional car and appears to be the smallest vehicle in its class. Surprisingly, it has enough ramming power to fight and it can regain control after being pushed. Despite this though, the Type 3's main purpose is for racing. The control is responsive and it handles very well, with the rare occasion of sliding. This problem, however, shouldn't be a concern.

Color schemes for the Muscle Type 3 are red with white stripes, black with white stripes, and white with blue stripes. Blue with white stripes was cut from the game, but it can be noticed on the back of the PS2 cover.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for unlocking the Muscle Series, which requires the completion of the Compact Grand Prix.


The Muscle Type 3 has the basic shape of the Ford GT or Lamborghini Miura, but features several racing modifications. such as a roof scoop and spoiler. The tail lights have absolutely no resemblance to the Ford GT. The tail lights vaguely resemble that of a Chevrolet Corvette C4, but with large turn signals.


Muscle Type 3 Cover

The Muscle Type 3 on the Burnout 3 box art.

  • This vehicle is featured on the cover of the game it appears in, Burnout 3. Normally this cannot be seen due to it being cut off, but a promotional image reveals the car's true identity (see picture).

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