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The Muscle is one of the seven starting vehicles in Burnout 2: Point of Impact and is one of the three models to return from the original Burnout. Like its predecessor, the Muscle is a difficult vehicle to use properly, sharing the same properties as its older counterpart; high speed and acceleration but miserable handling.

Of the seven starting vehicles, the Muscle is the fastest stock car, boasting impressive speed and acceleration for its class. However, this speed is held back by having the worst handling in the entire game, even being beat out by its upgraded counterpart. The Muscle's control is absolutely abysmal and it makes tackling corners an absolute nightmare. While advanced players should be able to overcome this issue, beginners should stay away from this vehicle until they have more experience, as the slippery control and high speed can be a handful for new players.

The Muscle comes in six colors; white, burgundy, red, yellow, gray and blue.

As an opponent in the Championship, the Muscle appears in Roller Coaster Grand Prix and the Street Storm Grand Prix. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, it may also appear in The Miracle Mile as an extra opponent.

How to Unlock[]

Complete Offensive Driving 101.


The Muscle resembles a more compact-looking Dodge Viper. It shares this resemblance with other cars carrying the moniker "muscle" in the series, indicating that the cars might be related.

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