The Muscle is one of the five starting vehicles in the original Burnout and is the successor to many vehicles in the series that bear the Muscle moniker. It is a "Hard" rated vehicle with impressive top speed and good acceleration, although its handling can make it difficult to control. At one point in development, it was known as the Thunderbolt GT. [1]

The Muscle is tied for the fastest vehicle in the game alongside the Saloon GT, which makes it a very potent racing machine. However, the control is much lower than the Saloon GT, causing it to slip around uncontrollably while trying to weave through traffic. This makes it a bad choice for beginners, and although expert players should be able to use it no problem, it can still be quite risky in some courses.

The Muscle comes in five colors; red, white, grey, black and blue. Although not a possible option for the player, the CPU can also use the Muscle in yellow, a trait shared with many vehicles in the original Burnout.

How to Unlock

The Muscle is automatically available from the beginning.


Physically, the Muscle resembles a more compact version of the Dodge Viper. This similarity reappears in vehicles later on in the series that carry the "Muscle" title, indicating design history and, possibly, the same fictional auto manufacturer. At one point, it resembled a 1999 Ford Mustang and came in red, white and blue, as seen on early pictures of the game and the trailer. It later turned into a 1999 Dodge Viper-like car.

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