Motor City, Michigan is one of four USA Locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based on Detroit, Michigan and features two circuits.

Short Circuit

Motor City Short

This simple rectangle track surprisingly lacks shortcuts and has minimal traffic. However, there are multiple path choices through the long stretches of the circuit; players must choose wisely while avoiding stationary obstacles and occasional cross traffic. There are also several opportunities to catch air and crush rivals for Veritcal Takedowns, primarily in the alley.

Long Circuit

Motor City Long

Apart from the long alleyway, this track excludes sections from its short circuit counterpart and instead travels north into the heart of the city's industrial region. The streets are much more congested with traffic, especially along the docks and a linking highway. There are also plenty of alternative routes and shortcuts through warehouses, construction sites, and abandoned railroads.

Crash Junctions

Motor City features several crash junctions in areas outside of the circuits:

  • Rank 1 Crash Deconstruction Site
  • Rank 1 Crash Cars Attacks
  • Rank 5 Rank 9 Crash Jump On The Jam
  • Rank 7 Crash Double-Crossed
  • Rank 7 Crash Mighty Docks
  • Rank 7 Crash Return Of The Semi
  • Rank 8 Crash Van-Fire Strikes Back

Xbox 360 Exclusive Junctions

The Xbox 360 release includes am additional 10 new crash junctions around the world:

  • Rank 1 Crash Exploding Bay

Race Events

  • Rank 1 Race Short Reverse
  • Rank 1 Road Rage Short Forwards
  • Rank 1 Grand Prix 1
  • Rank 4 Eliminator Short Forwards
  • Rank 4 Traffic Attack Long Forwards
  • Rank 4 Road Rage Long Reverse
  • Rank 4 Grand Prix 4
  • Rank 7 Crashbreker Race Long Reverse
  • Rank 8 Preview Lap
  • Rank 10 Crashbreaker Road Rage Long Forwards
  • Rank 10 Burning Lap Motor City Short Reverse
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