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Moore Avenue is the main Avenue in Big Surf, sub-district of Palm Bay Heights since it is the longest. Players normally use this road to access Big Surf Beach when going to or coming from Downtown Paradise via Paradise Avenue. It is also one of the 7 other parallel roads stretching from north to south, linking the Beach coastline to the Paradise City River located in the same district.


Moore Avenue starts near Big Surf Pier near the McDairmant Construction Site. It heads south past the Ocean Villa Hotel and open-air car park and also crosses over the tracks of the Paradise City Railroad. It the passes under I-88 south of which are located 4 Interstate access ramps. The road then finally dead-ends at the 9th Street junction, east of an open space and north of a large warehouse.


2 offline events can be started on this Avenue.

Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish Location
Race Plain Sailing East Crawford Drive Waterfront Plaza
Road Rage Oncoming Onslaught I-88 N/A


Only one shortcut involves Moore Avenue.

9th Street[]

South-west of the I-88 access ramps is a wide open space marked by a large billboard and scaffolding. Players can use this place to either cut the west corner with 9th Street, or use the westbound service path marked which overpasses green steel beams to cut the same shortcut even further.

Landmarks of Interest[]

Listed from North to South

Gameplay Strategies[]

During a race, players may include Moore Avenue in their itinerary when traveling south towards the Waterfront Plaza or the Wildcats Baseball Stadium. During a Marked Man event, drivers may find difficulty in staying at a safe distance from rivals since there are no protecting structures along this road.
Nothing important can be said concerning this road for Road Rage events. Players will only be able to score car or wall Takedowns but these are fairly difficult considering the length and width of Moore Avenue.
It is strongly discouraged to enter this road during a Stunt Run. There are no Stunt opportunities here. However, players may use Moore Avenue to reach more worthwhile areas such as the construction site in front of the Big Surf Pier, East Crawford Drive, Big Surf Beach, or even 9th Street. All any area chosen withholds obstacles which have a number of Stunt Run multipliers.

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