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The Montgomery Hyperion has a few surprises up its sleeve. The problem isn't that it doesn't do what you tell it to, more that it does it all a bit too eagerly!

The Montgomery Hyperion is an average stunt car but has similar statistics to the Ikusa GT. This car does not seem to be as popular as other cars in the eyes of the players unless they want to drive a classically styled vehicle. What really hampers this car is its unlock requirement as the player receives this car only after getting the B class license. Unfortunately better stunt cars have already been unlocked by that time.

It handles very similar to the Ikusa Samurai but it is much lighter meaning it accelerates a little quicker than it. It drifts well whilst sporting very responsive and stable handling. Just don't do serious brawling with it, use ambush and hit-and-run tactics like similar strength non-aggression cars. It is a solid all-rounder that sadly gets eclipsed by its later brethren.

When using the E-brake to make the car drift, one must take care when sliding for the description for the car shines. It wants to oversteer just enough to clip a corner to wreck. Though if timed right, a player can overshoot the turn till the last few meters before executing the drift. Now because this car is a lightweight, it can't brawl straight up with most other cars. Think of this car as having the weight of a Vegas Carnivale. The best way to use this car against Nighthawks is by slamming and sideswiping the car from the sides gruella warfare style and having the Nighthawk come after the car. Not the other way around.

How to Unlock[]

Win 30 events then shut it down.


The Hyperion model seems to resemble the classic Series 2 (1968-1971) Jaguar E-type & Lotus Europa. From the side and oblique it resembles the TVR Cerbera. From the back the tail-lights are similar to that of the Chevrolet Corvette C2. It can be said that the Hyperion's design is also influenced by classic Porsche models.

Burning Route[]

Burning Route (Right) Hyperion Burning Route


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update the Hyperion's speed stat was lowered from 5 to 3.
  • The hood of the Hyperion can fly open whilst airborne after a jump. This is because most jumps slightly "damage" vehicles and the hood on this vehicle will open with very minimal damage.
  • This is one of 2 Paradise cars that resembles a vehicle from Burnout Dominator with the Hyperion resembling the American Classic.
  • Hyperion is the titan of light in Greek mythology.
  • The license plate reads: EU-SR-01 which stands for "Europe-Sports Roadster-01."
  • This is one out of 3 Paradise cars that even resembles a Burnout 3: Takedown. The car happens to be the Modified Muscle and the Dominator Muscle. If the silver bumper on the front of this car falls off, then it'll have an obvious resemblance to the Modified Muscle and the Dominator Muscle.
    • This car's brother has a resemblance to the two Burnout 3 cars as well.