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An out-and-out track car. Light, powerful, and so much grip that it takes a lot of persuading to make it go sideways. Watch out for some understeer when cornering at speed.

The Montgomery GT 2400 is one of the best cars for Race events earlier on in the game. Fantastic speed, control, and boost meter put this car in a class of its own. However, it is not that great outside of racing events; its strength makes it too fragile to be considered good for Road Rage and Marked Man events and its boost type prevents it from doing Stunt Runs very well either.

This vehicle uses Direct Drive steering like the Jansen Carbon X12 and the Kreiger PCPD Special. Because this car possesses so much grip, making it drift using the normal brakes will take more time than it takes for the Hunter Manhattan to turn without using any brakes. Though when using the E-brake method to make the car turn, it will slide out rather quickly at high speeds but will naturally straighten itself out due to its powerful grip. Because this is such a quick responding vehicle, the rear end only needs to be slightly outward to initiate an E-brake drift. Though if making more broad turns, the player may have to press the E-brake a second time to keep the drift going since the car always wants to straighten itself out.

In many situations, drifting is not necessary to turn for this car is very quick to respond which makes it somewhat decent for battling against heavier cars both offline and online, though only through guerrilla warfare like tactics. In a way, it is only good for either shunting rivals and online players from behind or sideswiping them if the player has a greater speed advantage. Though if the opposing player is anything above a strength of four, like a Vegas Carnivale for example, the 2400 will lose almost every time. There's just not enough weight to throw around. But the 2400 makes for a great getaway car if the player is being chased by Nighthawks or heavy aggressive cars. Though this only limits its full usage to the Downtown and the surrounding areas. In the mountains, the 2400 does not have many options due to many of the roads being straight.

How to unlock[]

Win 42 events, then shut it down.


The GT 2400 resembles a toned-down 1992 Nissan R92CP Race Car without all the liveries. It also appears to be loosely based on the Euro Circuit Racer.

Burning Route[]

Burning Route (Right) GT 2400 Burning Route


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the GT 2400's speed stat was lowered from 7 to 4 and its boost stat was lowered from 7 to 6.
  • When crashing head-on, the GT 2400's front axles will pop out of proportion.
  • On the side the car reads "Prototype Special", which suggest this car is a prototype.