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The Montgomery Carbon Hawker is a carbon variant of the Hawker and like other carbon cars it has a chrome finish, better statistics in every field (1 speed point, 2 boost points and 2 strength points) and a boost type conversion (Stunt to Speed). It is not as nimble around the turns as players might hope but few can match its high speed and maxed out boost.

The improved stats and boost type conversion make it even more effective in Race events, though the Speed boost does not fully eliminate its use in Stunt Runs. The player can take advantage of the good acceleration and impressive drifting abilities by chaining stunts using short drifts. The improved strength means the chances are higher that the Carbon Hawker will simply bounce off traffic cars in the even of a collision, mostly in scenarios where the normal Hawker or the Hawker Solo would experience a Driveaway or even a Wreck. Its strength also gives players a greater chance to win Marked Man events but the boost type isn't well suited for Road Rage events.


Awarded for hitting all the Billboards in Paradise City, this custom built Montgomery comes with a gorgeous carbon fiber and chrome finish and a Burnout Chaining Speed Boost conversion.

How to Unlock[]

Hit all 120 Burnout Billboards.


The Montgomery Carbon Hawker closely resembles a TVR Sagaris but the rear end of the vehicle appears to take inspiration from the Aston Martin DB9. The general "body-type" of the Carbon Hawker bares slight resemblances to the Mercedes SLR Mclaren.