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The Modified Muscle is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown. It is one of the more well-rounded vehicles of its class. Its speed is decent and it has enough weight to be able to take down most adversaries. Even though it does not seem the most well-fitted for Road Rages, it can set a few records in an event and should be able to be used sufficiently.

Blue/white, white/black and red/white are the available colors for this car.

How To Unlock[]

Awarded for a Gold in Mountain Parkway Face-Off 1.


This vehicle is slightly reminiscent of the Muscle car from Burnout 2: Point of Impact. The general design has been influenced by the Shelby Series 1, TVR Cerbera in the front and the Dodge Viper. In addition, the Modified Muscle's headlights bear homage to the TVR Cerbera, while the brake lights seem to resemble those on several modern Ferraris.


  • Prior to release, the Modified Muscle featured more decorations and resembled the Dodge Viper very closely.

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