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The Modified Coupe is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown. It handles more as a heavier Coupe than most of the other cars in its series. Turning with the Modified Coupe can be especially tough around corners, but its weightiness means that it's more useful for Road Rages.

The Modified Coupe can be painted black, red/black and blue/light grey.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for a Gold in the Alpine Race.


The Modified Coupe resembles a very heavily modified version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII. The major differences would be the fact that it has two (large) doors instead of four and the very rear which looks vaguely similar to a Honda S2000 with a large spoiler. The lack of the S2000's Altezza tail lights and a more "boxy" end design. From the midsection to the rear, it may also resemble a seventh-generation Toyota Celica.

The Modified Coupe's engine noise sounds almost identical to the Tuned Coupe's engine noise, except the Modified Coupe has a modified engine noise from the Tuned Coupe.

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