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The Modified Compact is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown.


This is one of the first vehicles that feels like a race car. Simply put, the Modified Compact has the capability to enter drifts quite easily without the application of the brakes. While this ability aids the compact in Race events, one must be cautious because this car does have a high chance of oversteering. Because of its two weight points, the vehicle does not have difficulty performing a Takedown, and can survive a beating here and there.

Excellence in speed and aggression are the Modified Compact's specialties. It has better acceleration than most Compacts while having the ability to easily destroy opponents, but in spite of its advantages, it is a very difficult car to control. The car's oversteer is a major problem and it performs brakeless drifts, giving the Modified Compact the feeling of driving on ice. It is very challenging for beginners and experts alike, but it is comparable with the Compact Type 2 in Road Rage.

The Modified Compact can be painted red, white, or black.

How to Unlock[]

This Modified Compact is unlocked by winning a Gold medal in the Waterfront Face-Off.


This vehicle appears to be a heavily-modified racing version of the sixth-generation Honda Civic coupe. Its front is heavily based on the second-generation Opel Astra. When viewed from the side profile, the car has a stubby rear end, which can be compared to the second-generation Hyundai Accent.

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