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The Mobile Diner is a small Carl's Jr. bus and is also the heaviest crash vehicle in the game.

This minibus is decorated with a Carl's Jr./Hardee's livery and is also the largest crash vehicle available. The vehicle's weight is excellent for slamming into traffic, but it will not help players on many jumps. Handling is very stiff on this car, and oversteering will cause the Mobile Diner to skid out of control. Once players have mastered the vehicle's flaws and successfully entered a junction, the Mobile Diner will pull off an impressive show of destruction. When the crashbreaker bar fills to 100%, players will have to tap a button more rapidly than most other cars to keep the explosion strong (this can be made easier by having Impact Time in use when the Crashbreaker prompt comes up). To sum it up, the Mobile Diner is Burnout Revenge's answer to the Firetruck in Burnout 3.

In USA locations, vehicles like this can be seen in traffic. Most common in Angel Valley, they usually appear in plain colors. However, there are occasionally mobile diners decorated differently from the crash vehicle. They can be seen along with box trucks and big rigs that also advertise the Carl's Jr./Hardee's fast food chain.

The Madden Challenge Bus can be obtained exclusively by owners of Madden 06. It is a reskin of the Mobile Diner that performs identically and shares the same speed, but its crashbreaker force decreases by 3, as it would otherwise be grossly overpowered in early-game junctions.

The Mobile Diner is a symbolic car to Lone Peak as it has a Montana license plate that reads CKE-1, although there is no Carl's Jr. in Montana. This refers to CKE Restaurants, owner of the Carl's Jr./Hardee's franchise, rather than to Mount Rushmore like other Lone Peak cars.

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox: Win a medal in "Central Route Street Car Set On Fire" in a Rank 3.

Xbox 360: Win a medal in Lone Peak "Wish Upon A Car" in a Rank 3.


The advertisements on the side are advertising for Carl's Jr. & Hardee's fast-food restaurant. The front cab looks like a Chevrolet Express bus conversion except the headlights have a "spider eyes" headlight covering accessory.

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