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Midnight Rides are new unique events included in the Bikes Pack for Burnout Paradise and now shipped on the game disc in Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. Along with Burning Rides and Road Rules, Midnight Rides are the only offline events for bikes to compete in. It is important to note that Midnight Rides are the only events in Burnout Paradise that utilize the dynamic day and night system, as they can only be started at night.

Differences Between Burning Routes and Midnight Rides[]

Midnight Rides are the Bike equivalent of the Car Burning Routes. However, some differences exist between the two:

  • Some Midnight Rides are timed checkpoint events where the rider must race through a set number of checkpoints before the time limit expires. These checkpoint events typically do not end at one of the 8 landmarks in Paradise City like other events do.
  • New bikes are not awarded for completion of each Midnight Ride. One is awarded when 50% of them are completed and another at 100%.