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MM Country Club

The Country Club in the afternoon.

Maplemount Country Club banner

The Country Club's banner with a greeting to new members.

The Maplemount Country Club is the northern Paradise City landmark located in Palm Bay Heights. It serves as the final destination of several challenges and events.

Also, in the Online Cops and Robbers game mode released with the DLC pack, it serves as the Cops' Gold drop-off point.

The finish line is located on Newton Drive exactly in front of the club's entry. The drive being a long U-shaped road, the 2 nearest intersections are those with East Crawford Drive & Lambert Parkway and East Crawford Drive & West Crawford Drive to the south. Due to the characteristics of Newton Drive, the finish line can be crossed in both directions, however racers should note that both ways include an uphill slope that could prevent reaching the top speeds of their vehicles.

Finally, since the finish line is placed in the middle of the bend one could believe that from each origin the distance is the same, in reality the western route is slightly longer due to its larger bend radius.


Only one shortcut exists to shorten the racer's route to the finish line.

From East Crawford Drive (East)[]

When racing west towards the Country Club, racers can choose to go through the Cave which is accessible from the Big Surf Beachfront promenade. It cuts the corner of the official intersection and covers the player from rivals' attacks.

Events and Challenges[]

Below are the Events and Freeburn Challenges that involve the Maplemount Country Club.

Career Events[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point
Race Driving Off West Lake & Nelson
Race Heads Up Gabriel & Manners
Race High Noon Club South Mountain & Lucas
Race Rat Race 2nd & Webster
Race Riverside Run Anderson & Glancy
Marked Man Club Sandwich Evans & 1st

Burning Routes[]

Event Type Burning Route Starting Point Time Limit Reward
Burning Route (Right) Hyperion Burning Route 3rd & Glancy 1:15 Montgomery Hyperion Rattler
Burning Route (Right) Ikusa GT Burning Route 2nd & Glancy 1:15 Nakamura Ikusa Samurai
Burning Route (Right) R-Turbo Roadster Burning Route King & Harbor 1:15 Watson Burnout Roadster
Burning Route (Right) Opus Burning Route 1st & Webster 1:20 Carson Opus XS

Freeburn Challenges[]

Players # Name Type Description
2 6 Go Clubbing Team Challenge Meet at the Maplemount Country Club.
4 6 Go Clubbing Team Challenge Meet at the Maplemount Country Club.
6 2 Go Clubbing Team Challenge Meet at the Maplemount Country Club.