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Mano a Mano is a Race that starts at the North Mountain/Schembri Pass intersection. It requires the player to reach the Wind Farm in 1st place. This race is a duel race (the player and 1 rival). This race is #5 of the North-West Races

The upcoming content is copied from the Walkthrough Booklet.

This exciting duel race is simply a task to see who can head north along South Mountain Drive then North Mountain Drive the fastest. Begin by heading into the shortcut, moving through the concrete pipe, and out at the Wind Farm. Continue to boost north, leaping the gap where the billboard is, and then optionally taking the shortcut to avoid the small tunnel and S bends. Continue along North Mountain Drive, and into the two small tunnels that lead to Dead Man's Curve. Use the super jump shortcut to easily sail past your foe! For a finale, head up the shortcut and drop off the concrete area next to the finish line. A Vertical Takedown (almost impossible to time) is an impressive (but purely optional) way to win!

  • "Mano a Mano" means "hand to hand" in Italian. This is a reference to both players being 'hands' as they duel against each other or 'hand to hand'.