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The largest Makeshift Ramp is located on Big Surf Island (Toy Takedown 4x4 and Jansen P12 shown here for comparison).

Makeshift Ramps are ramps that are found throughout Paradise City that are constructed out of random components. They are typically found on the rooftops of Parking Garages and below the rail system in Harbor Town and Downtown Paradise. Makeshift Ramps cannot be used to perform Stunts very well because they all have rail guards on the sides.

Stunt Run Uses[]

In Stunt Run events, Makeshift Ramps are typically only used to get to other areas. Some Makeshift Ramps might lead to a Billboard or other ramps that are more useful for performing stunts, but that is about the most useful they can get. The only stunt that these kinds of ramps allow a player to do is to achieve a certain amount of Air Time. The edge guards prevent any Barrel Rolling, and Flat Spinning becomes very difficult.

Other event Uses[]

In other events, Makeshift Ramps can become very useful. Although they are not as helpful for performing vertical takedowns, they can lead to many useful shortcuts, such as the railroad system stated above. Makeshift Ramps can also help one to get onto the I-88 which is very useful during a Road Rage event because typically the highway is the best place for it.