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The Low Rider is the first vehicle of the Dominator class in Burnout Dominator. It is very easy to unlock the car and get access to top speed, but it handles poorly for being a heavier car. Unless it can be convinced to drift then it isn't effective at cornering. This factory makes it a poor choice for Maniac events and sub-types although in the right hands it can be a formidable foe in Road Rage. The Low Rider's acceleration is also poor and it is heavily dependent on boost in races. It is even less reliable in the PSP version where it is slower than the other Dominator cars. It is the Dominator Car of the Classic Series.

The Low Rider comes in Blue, Red and Black paint. It also bears a license of DOM 1 which is presumably a United States license plate from Montana.

This vehicle also resembles the Low Rider from Burnout Revenge.

How to Unlock[]

The Low Rider is unlocked by getting Gold in the Dominator Challenge in the Classic Series.



  • This vehicle also resembles the Carson Opus from Burnout Paradise.
  • In the PSP version of the game, the Low Rider's rear bumper is colored white.
  • This is also used in the Spiritual Towers Burning Lap.

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